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2captcha tips and tricks to boost your earnings

 2captcha tips and tricks

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what is 2captcha:

2captcha is a  captcha service which pay u money by solving simple captchas 
by using this 2captcha software u can earn money by solving simple captcha. thsi is the free software u can use freely without paying single dollar

how i can earn money solving 2captcha :

this is actually simple 
first create account by using following link
and then login
after login now first u need to pass the training
after passing the training now u can download the software 
in the 2captcha account u will a api key which is used to solve captcha
this api key is used to login in the 2captcha software

tricks and tips to earn money in 2captcha:

here are the some tips and tricks to earn money by solving captchas, its is very simple in this iam showing u this trick in mobile if u want in desktop or pc comment below 

2captcha is a self earning website which gives you money by solving captcha 

1 first install the 2captcha bot from below link
2 next go to the settingsc
3 next on developer option
4 next click blooger buffer size to 256kb
5 next off the animation scale and there are  2 options
6 then cme back and put the api key in the bot.
7 and captcha comes fast.
8 If the captcha comes slow means tun on the aeroplan emode and off
9 your problem will solve 

click here to download the hacked bot link.



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