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is silicon a metal or nonmetal, metalloid ? Explain

What Is Silicon?

Basically, silicon is a chemical element and it has a symbol called (Si). and silicon appearance like a crystalline, reflective with the blush-tinged face. and its atomic number is 14, and it is a hard brittle crystalline solid and it is a group 14 member in periodic table.

Is Silicon A Metal Or Nonmetal?

Silicon is a metalloid and it has both the properties of metal and nonmetal. and its melting point is 1414 C to 2576 C respectively, and silicon is the second-highest among the metalloids and nonmetals. basically, silicon is the eighth common element in the universe but it will found rarely in the earth's crust. Silicon is a natural element that is found very rarely.

is silicon a metal or nonmetal
Where Do Silicon Is Used Mostly?

Silicon is a natural element mostly it is used in industrial constructions with clays, silica sandstone and used in the cement with sand and used to construct roads and also used in ceramics such as porcelain and in glasses, and also used in computer chips.

What Are The Atomic Properties?

  • its atomic radius is empirical: 111 pm
  • covalent radius: 111 pm
  • van der waals radius :210 pm

Physical Properties Of Silicon:

  • the atomic mass is 28.085 u.
  • the density of silicon is 2.3296 gram per cubic centimeter
  • the boiling point of silicon is 3265 C
  • number of protons is 14

Small Video About Silicon Metalloid:


1) Is Carbon a metal or nonmetal?

carbon is a solid nonmetal element.

2)Silicon Uses:

silicon is used in cement sand glasses, ceramics, etc.


hence we conclude that silicon is a metalloid that has both the properties of metal and nonmetal.


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